United Nuclear, Inc
A Nuclear Technology Company
We provide you with expertise and experience in system design, safety analysis, and engineering support of nuclear systems. We are experienced in issue resolutions and their implementation for post accident safety measures. The following list includes some of our expertise.
-Severe Accidents Analysis for Nuclear Power Plants
-Physical Phenomena of Nuclear Severe Accidents
-Mitigation of Nuclear Severe Accidents
-Experimental Basis for Aerosols Chemistry in Containment during Severe Accidents
-Experimental Basis for Iodine Chemistry in Containment during Severe Accidents
-Modeling Techniques for Severe Accident Analysis
-Reactor Physics Basis to Dose Calculation for Severe Accidents
-Analysis for Severe Accidents Mitigation
-Analysis for Abnormal Transients Mitigation
-Analysis and Modeling Basis for Severe Accident Mitigation
-Fluid Mechanics Analysis Basis for De-Contamination
-Design and Analysis for Cooling of De-Contamination Equipment
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